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On Maturity

Forty creeps closer and closer every day. In approximately one-half of a year, I will be there. I recently heard forty called the old age of youth. If youth is a vast ocean of experience, then I’m standing on the … Continue reading

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Letting Go

We said goodbye to Essie yesterday. My husband took her to the vet for a checkup, and blood tests revealed that she was very sick. She was just under a year old. It’s a sad final chapter, unfortunately, for many … Continue reading

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Threads and Pillars

I’m always looking for the red thread that ties things together, as if my blog header wasn’t an indication of that. I love to see the interconnectedness of events and circumstances, because I see God’s fingerprint so clearly that way. … Continue reading

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Little Gods

She was tall, exotic, and everything I wasn’t. Even her name was interesting. Eighteen letters, eight syllables. She had a pair of silver shoes, ballet flats that she wore with sparkly sweaters. I suppose a part of me thought that … Continue reading

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We moved into our little apartment near Bald Eagle Lake, Minnesota on an excruciatingly hot July afternoon. The first thing we did, even before unpacking, was run to a fast food restaurant, and then to the grocery store, where we … Continue reading

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The Great Divide

I’ve been slowly learning something about myself. I’m learning that there’s a huge chasm between what I believe and what I do. I believe a lot of things.┬áBut more often than not, I act like those things are reserved for … Continue reading

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Beneath the Surface

My daughter came home from school the other day and announced, “Did you know the Hawaiian islands are actually the tips of volcanoes?” I remembered hearing something like this once, and I knew that there were active volcanoes on the … Continue reading

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