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The Tree of Life

Almost every morning lately, I look out the kitchen window and admire a handful of trees that were recently planted on the street perpendicular to ours. Our neighborhood is fairly new — less than ten years old — and as … Continue reading

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By Any Other Name

If decades can be named, then this one has definitely been the Decade of Exhaustion. The one prior was the Decade of Growth. The one before that was the Decade of Creativity. The one before that, the one that ushered … Continue reading

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I once read that heaven is all our best memories times a million. If that’s the case, then I hope heaven is: Christmas Eve, with soft blue lights against the snow-frosted windowpanes, chipped beef and crackers, Pepsi in plastic cups, … Continue reading

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On Maturity

Forty creeps closer and closer every day. In approximately one-half of a year, I will be there. I recently heard forty called the old age of youth. If youth is a vast ocean of experience, then I’m standing on the … Continue reading

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I love layering. I layer my clothes, the dishes on the china cabinet, the pillows on the sofa. I love visiting homes with lots of layers, because, when purposefully done, layers add interest and beauty to a space. I know … Continue reading

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The Sameness of Change

My mother had a buffet, a gift from Dad, in the dining room of the house where I spent seventeen years of my life. Under the lid on the left side was a turntable. Mom had a modest but intentional … Continue reading

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We moved into our little apartment near Bald Eagle Lake, Minnesota on an excruciatingly hot July afternoon. The first thing we did, even before unpacking, was run to a fast food restaurant, and then to the grocery store, where we … Continue reading

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