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Paying it Forward

I’m home sick today, doing my very best to recover after almost a week of being in the clutches of an I-don’t-know-what — cold? — that has me struggling to even stand upright for more than a few minutes at … Continue reading

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On Humility

I recently picked up a used copy of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Circle of Quiet, the first installment of her Crosswicks Journal collection. I had seen references to it popping up here and there for weeks, and it became apparent after … Continue reading

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My favorite time of day is late afternoon, those two golden hours between when the kids get off the bus and I start dinner. I’m not even sure why this time is my favorite. There’s something about the way the … Continue reading

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The Narrow Places

I worked on the third floor of an old railroad building before our offices moved to another building close by last summer. To get from the parking lot to the building, I had to cross the railroad tracks, follow a … Continue reading

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I’m wrestling with God and begging Him to not leave my presence until He blesses me with the right words. I pray that, imperfect as they are, they will perfectly convey my sentiments. I recently re-joined Twitter on a whim … Continue reading

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If Isaiah 53:2 and John 1:33 are to be taken literally, then it stands to reason that he looked like just another wedding guest. He didn’t step out of a golden chariot. No one rolled out the red carpet for … Continue reading

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