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When More is More

I always knew I wanted a larger family. Somewhere along the line, I reasoned that three kids would bring just the right amount of noise to our family rhythm, and that is exactly the number we were blessed with. Our … Continue reading

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A Spelling Lesson

We have a tidy evening routine. My husband and I prepare dinner, the kids help us set the table with our good dishes and silverware {why save them for special occasions, it occurred to me one day, when every day … Continue reading

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The Tree of Life

Almost every morning lately, I look out the kitchen window and admire a handful of trees that were recently planted on the street perpendicular to ours. Our neighborhood is fairly new — less than ten years old — and as … Continue reading

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Letting Go

We said goodbye to Essie yesterday. My husband took her to the vet for a checkup, and blood tests revealed that she was very sick. She was just under a year old. It’s a sad final chapter, unfortunately, for many … Continue reading

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The Sameness of Change

My mother had a buffet, a gift from Dad, in the dining room of the house where I spent seventeen years of my life. Under the lid on the left side was a turntable. Mom had a modest but intentional … Continue reading

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My favorite time of day is late afternoon, those two golden hours between when the kids get off the bus and I start dinner. I’m not even sure why this time is my favorite. There’s something about the way the … Continue reading

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Quail in a Land of Bread

I know what he’s going to say even before he says it. “Mom, I want three burgers with my dinner.” “Are you sure? You’re getting other food too. Your eyes are usually bigger than your stomach.” “I’m sure. I’m starving.” … Continue reading

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