I once read that heaven is all our best memories times a million. If that’s the case, then I hope heaven is:

Christmas Eve, with soft blue lights against the snow-frosted windowpanes, chipped beef and crackers, Pepsi in plastic cups, and sleepy candlelit services;

Summer afternoons at the neighbors’ pool, bowls of raisins in the air conditioning, and time lost in an unforgettable book;

Birthday parties with homemade cake, chocolate marshmallow ice cream, and lots of giggling;

Flashlight tag on the cul-de-sac, building forts by the creek, and digging for fossils in the backyard;

Gathering around the dinner table, talking a mile a minute, and heaping on the seconds;

Twirling in front of the mirror in a pink prairie dress and bonnet, and running through North Carolina tobacco fields;

Tucking into a booth for a soft-serve ice cream cone after a hot, sticky baseball game, and a cool bath before bed;

Shopping with Mom for back-to-school clothes, and grabbing lunch after;

Driving through the country with Marty Robbins on the tape player, and Dad singing along;

Sprinkled doughnuts for breakfast, and a Sunday flea market;

Hiding away in a bookstore with my husband, and sharing a decadent dessert over a cup of tea;

Watching my kids build their own heavens, and being there to share it with them.

Times a million, of course.

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One Response to Heaven

  1. I love reading your childhood memories. While Todd undoubtedly shared many of those experiences with you, you relate them in your own special, heartfelt words.

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