The Great Divide

I’ve been slowly learning something about myself. I’m learning that there’s a huge chasm between what I believe and what I do. I believe a lot of things. But more often than not, I act like those things are reserved for other people, and not for me.

For example, I believe that being brave in the face of adversity, or in the face of anything, really, is a good, noble, God-honoring thing. But when I find myself in the thick of an uncomfortable situation, I wait for someone else to swoop in and save the day with the right skills, resources, and words. I also believe that being hopeful and expectant is a good thing, and that it is the hallmark of a faith-filled life. But when I find myself hopeful or expectant, I nervously wait for something, or someone, to come along to snatch it right out of my greedy hands.

I also believe that all people are created to accomplish great things. The transitive property at work logically states that, if all people people are created for great things, and if I am a person, then I am also created for great things. But somehow, I can’t seem to budge past the if part. What if I’m not counted among those people, even if those people are everyone?

But I have assurance, the kind that promises freedom.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. — Romans 8:28

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2 Responses to The Great Divide

  1. patrickroden says:

    I like it Lisa and i can see what you mean about us having similarities in our writing skills and thought paterns. Have you read my post on Psalm 23? It kinda covers some of the questions you ask. Bless you 😉

  2. lperdue73 says:

    Thank you so much, Patrick. I plan to sit down with a cup of tea tonight and read your Psalm 23 post, plus your others, this evening. Looking forward to having some of my latest lessons from God reinforced and confirmed. Blessings to you, too!

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